Ren & Stimpy

The Ren & Stimpy show is simply the best cartoon on TV today. Slightly different from your average cartoon, this show has set a new standard by which cartoons should be measured. Our lovable heroes, cantankerous Ren Hoëk and dim-witted Stimpson J. Cat, will make you laugh...... Here are some cool pictures, sounds, and movies from the show that you will enJOY. Happy! Happy!




Don't touch it! It's the history eraser button you fool.
Think of all those starving yaks out there
Oh the humanity of it all
Forget that stuff
Here we are in this wonderous new universe
You sick little monkey!
Maybe something bad, maybe something good.
Ren's psychotic laugh


I don't like the looks of that
Where are we going
Go ahead, open it.
I can hardly contain myself
I picked them myself


Hot diggedy dog. I filled my quota for the day.
Happy Happy
Joy Joy
Where are we going? The show is over. See you next time.
Log song
I don't think your happy enough
Theme song


 - Here is a large (3.5M) movie of the funny 'history eraser button'
scene. Can Stimpy resist the urge to push the button that will
destroy all mankind? Find out.

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